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Tactacam. The best first-person hunting camera on the market.

Made for hunters by hunters.

Stabilizer, Scope, Gun, Universal and other Strap Mounts included

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Tactacam Action on a 12 gauge

  • 12mp sensor records in True Full HD 1080p-30fps and 720-60fps
  • 1 touch Power on Auto Record with Vibration indication
  • Ultra Sharp Lens optimized for Bow, Crossbow and Gun (No Fisheye)
  • Low-Light recording like no other camera of its kind
  • Audio and waterproof Caps (Waterproof tested up to 30 meters)
  • Stabilizer, Scope, Gun, Universal and other Strap Mounts included
  • Shock Resistant; 50cal tested and approved
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Provides over 2 hours of record time (Extra batteries available)
  • Charging USB 2.0 and 110-120 volt AC outlet
  • USB 2.0 connection to Mac and PC
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Format H.264 for Facebook and YouTube
  • Storage: Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)
  • 1 year warranty (read more)
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Tactacam_V2_3859c-152x300Tactacam_V2_3858-copy-152x300Easy to use….Tactacam will turn on and record with the push of a button.   Power on Auto record, you don’t hold the button down to power on, just push.  Push to start and push to stop at all times (on or off).  Yes, it’s that easy to operate…..

The new Tactacam camera has been built using the best electronics available.

A good camera has to have a good lens and a good image sensor.  Well, the new Tactacam has both.  This small hunting video camera was built with an ultra high quality lens and 12 megapixel lowlight sensor.  Instead of using a fisheye lens, which pushes the images away, Tactacam uses a unique lens design, providing a view similar to what we see with the human eye.  20yd shots no longer look like a 100yd shot.  Now your 20yd shot will look like 20yds and your 100yd shot will look like 100yds in your video.  All this is what makes the NEW Tactacam the best hunting camera on the market.  Are you ready to “Share your Hunt?”


Happy Tactacam Customer…….”This is some footage I got from my new Tactacam camera. This bull is over 100 yards away so the camera does pretty well for what it is designed for. It is designed to fit on my bow in replacement of my stabilizer. I have been trying it out the last few days. For a $249 camera that is 1080HD, waterproof to 30ft, screws into my bow stabilizer for a low profile fit AND is said to handle the recoil of a .50 cal… I must say it is pretty impressive!! The camera was developed because the guys who made it were not happy with the results they got with their other camera … I tried my own gopro on my bow and it left me searching for something better, then I found the Tactacam :) I’m liking the camera more and more every day. I always carry my camera while bowhunting but never get to use it until after the hunt is over and I fill my tag. This camera gives me the chance to capture footage while I hunt… These guys at Tactacam have been very helpful with all of my questions.”   Happy Tactacam Customer


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