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Camera Info

Tactacam HD video camera specs

  • 12mp sensor records in True Full HD 1080p-30fps and 720-60fps
  • 1 touch Power on Auto Record with Vibration indication
  • Ultra Sharp Lens optimized for Bow, Crossbow and Gun (No Fisheye)
  • Low-Light recording like no other camera of its kind
  • Audio and waterproof Caps (Waterproof tested up to 30 meters)
  • Stabilizer, Scope, Gun, Universal and other Strap Mounts included
  • Shock Resistant; 50cal tested and approved
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Provides over 2 hours of record time (Extra batteries available)
  • Charging USB 2.0 and 110-120 volt AC outlet
  • USB 2.0 connection to Mac and PC
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Format H.264 for Facebook and YouTube
  • Storage: Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)
  • 1 year warranty (read more)

1 Touch

Ultra Sharp


Preparing Tactacam for operation

Tactacam_V2_4003web-150x150Tactacam_V2_4013web-150x150Step 1.  Remove the camera from the stabilizer.
Step 2. Remove the back cap from the camera.
Step 3. Check the battery, SD Card (Not included), and both switches.  (Switch 1) Video or Photos (Switch 2)  Resolution 720 @ 60fps or 1080 @30fps

Step 4. Reinstall camera back cap and slide camera back into the stabilizer.

Tactacam_V2_4008web-150x150 Tactacam_V2_4011web-150x150Step 5. Install the Tactacam Stabilizer on your bow. It is recommended, once the stabilizer is snug, to give 2 more full turns and center the camera with your bow.  It is important not to over tighten the rubber dampener between the bow and stabilizer.   The rubber damper will help r educe vibration and keep your camera in position.

A Class 10 MicroSD card up to 32 GB is required.

Not all Class 10 microSD cards have the same data write speeds. Due to the higher bit rate capabilities and to support new features of Tactacam camera’s, we have provided a list of recommended cards that provide the best experience

  • SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC (SDSDQXL-032G)
  • Lexar 32GB SDHC 633x (LSDMI32GBBNL633R)

Operating your Tactacam

backoftactacam-300x198Easy to use….Tactacam will turn on and record with the push of one button.

Power on Auto record with vibration indication. . .push the button down one time (you don’t need to hold the button down to power on).  The camera will power on and begin recording (see ON/OFF Record indicators for further recording instructions).

Shutting down the camera. . . push and hold til you feel 2 long vibrations.  The camera is now off… You can power down the camera at anytime as long as the camera is on.

ON/OFF Record indicators. Power on auto record = 4 short vibrations followed by a blinking blue light.  (Blinking blue light is always recording) Pause = 1 short vibration with solid blue light. The  camera is now in standby mode.

Note: After 10 min in standby the camera will shutdown. If the camera is off or in standby mode, a push of the button will get you back on and/or recording. Record when in standby, push the button one time = 2 short vibrations followed by a blinking blue light. Power off = Push and hold till you feel 2 long vibrations and no light. Just remember any vibration more than 1 is recording. And 2 long vibrations the camera is off.

Charging Remove the back cap and plug the appropriate side of the provided USB cord into your camera.  Then plug the other side of the USB cord into the provided wall charger or your computer. You will see a blue and red light.  After 10 min there will only be a red light.  Red light will remain on till the battery is fully charged.





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